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I think there will be some regular activity on my blog soon. I’m taking my study of what are commonly known as psychedelics very seriously, but it will probably be a long time before blogging about such things, there is so so much to learn to even get a basic understanding of what is going on (btw, I, a neurolayman, and I classify cannabis as a psychedelic drug… I have decided to refer to them all as hallucinogens for now.. I intend to come up with a much shorter word than that.. I might steal a word from one of the allegedly  dead languages not taught in the vast majority of schools these days.

My blog posts are going to be about general things.. TV programmes I’ve watched (I tend to only watch a few hours on a Friday night and sometimes on Saturday or Sunday mornings.. There are quite a few thing to write about, work=related, local issues maybe, maybe an account of what it is like going to church on a Sunday for the first time.. And there will be a series of posts classified as ‘Reading, Writing and Concentrating’ which will provide any readers with samples of great and not so great out of print poetry, prose and the like from the time of Origen until the invention of ADHD. I am particularly interested to find out about Origen and Saint Gregory the miracle worker.

I tend to stay away from Telly most of the time, especially the pesky rolling news. I  have a few watching habits that might make interesting reading if I can be unlazy enough to write about them.  I have been looking at some books about the history of psychiatry which are leading to some very fascinating places. One of them I might copy from below. Before deciding whether to do that I’ve got to gradually decide upon the vocabulary I wish to use regarding Mental Illness.

I keep coming across articles published by ‘The atlantic’ that are the sort of tripe not fit for canine consumption. I might attempt to criticise various articles I read.. review the reviewers. 

There are so many things I imagine writing about in my mind when I’m working, but by the time I am in a position to write down what I was thinking, the thoughts disappear.. It might be time to use the voice recording  function on my mobile device.. I might be seen to be a madman talking to himself.. but it might be worth the risk. Sanity is not a mandatory requirement to become a nighttime shelf stacker in the local hypermarket. 

For now I’m going to look inside a copy of a 2009 edition of “Pears’ Cyclopedia’  which is, according to the Guardian, “The great almanac remains Pears’ ” .. 

I’ll simply copy out everything under the heading ‘Mental Illness’ in the Medical Matter section of the book.

I no longer use the word psychosis. Instead, the word Madness will be used.  I’m so sick of all these ugly long words , especially ones beginning with ‘psy’ and ‘Neuro’.    when writing about the psychiatry/psychology branch of neuroscience, I’ll refer to it as Neuropsychology or Neuropsychiatry .. The likes of David Nutt and whatshisface at Johns Hopkins are NOT scientists, neuro or otherwise. 

From Pears’  :  


    ‘Conventionally mental illness is divided into two categories, psychosis (madness), and neurosis (exaggerated symptoms of commonly experienced states). Psychoses are themselves divided into organic, implying that we can identify a physical cause, and functional, where the brain structure appears to be intact but its performance is abnormal. This division is now seen to be very blurred since there are physical diseases and drugs which can lower the threshold for response, or alter a person’s perceptions so that he appears to be mad, albeit temporarily. The more research is done, the more organic causes are found for abnormal behaviour, and successful intervention.’      

[‘ The definition of  Neurosis (and a word very much frowned upon in mental communities these days. This book is out of date, at least it would be to slaves of convention and consensus, I am starting to quite like my cyclopedia. 

Organic Psychoses  [Or, according to me, Organic Madnesses] 

    ‘The organic psychoses result from actual damage to the brain. This damage can be caused by disease, as in syphilis; by tumours; by dietary deficiencies as in inadequate vitamin B12 absorption; by poisons such as alcohol and lead; by drugs such as LSD or amphetamine; by problems of blood circulation such as heart failure or atheroma; and by genetic inheritance. The onset of illness can be either an acute confusional state or a chronic reaction known as dementia.The acute episode is characterised by an impairment of consciousness which may vary from difficulty in holding on to the point of a story, to actual coma. The chronic reaction, on the other hand, does not affect consciousness but intellect, memory and personality. Characteristically, memory for recent events is lost, while that for remote ones is preserved. About one in ten men and women over the age of 65 is likely to be affected.’ 

[ Something that has just occurred to me regarding my bout of madness not far from five years ago; I was not tested in any way to rule out ‘organic psychosis’ .. I won’t share further thoughts on that apart from my thinking that it is disturbing that countless people are not being tested for possible brain damage or various other medical problems…

Also notable ‘Drugs such as LSD and amphetamine’  and ‘The more research is done, the more organic causes are found for abnormal behaviour, and successful intervention.’  … 

I will copy out  the next three or four entries tomorrow. ‘Alcohol-Related Problems’, ‘Schizophrenia’, ‘Treatment of Schizophrenia’, ‘Manic Depression (now known as Bipolar Disorder- BPD)  

I am going to copy from a book.. but I can’t decide which one. So that’ll do for now  ( Good excuse for a cup of tea.)

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  1. Ooooo…. I came across the topic of personality disorder recently, so many of them! But very interesting.

    Looking forward to your writings and sharing! 👍☕


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