Pollan ate my hamster


A few weeks ago I bought a copy of Michael Pollan’s psychedelic book ‘How to change your mind’ … Talking book and e-book versions. … I listened to the introductions and the first chapter and decided it best to stop. I thought that doing very primitive gardening, listening to Calvinist sermons and very slowly reading/studying the telephone directory are much better for the health of my mind and soul. I still do.

If I get into the habit of (primitively strumming) playing the guitar again for a few hours at a time, it would be a gradual process; playing in very short bursts for the first week or two. The tips of my fretting fingers will become sore after ten or fifteen minutes to begin with, but after a few days callouses will miraculously form. And playing the guitar will be physically painless.

I suppose my mind needs time to form callouses to protect me from feeling what might be described as a torrent of mindfulness-deficiant emotions.

So many of the very lazily pasted together articles about the psychedelic magic bullets I have read in recent months tend to have one very obvious thing in common…. Michael Pollan’s book changed their lives, gave them no choice but to book a ticket to Amsterdam to embark on a course of magic truffle group therapy. And all the rest.

For better or for worse I think it is possible now for me to chain my complete bias against drug treatments of abnormal behaviour to the nearest radiator.

There does not seem to be any notable critical reviews of his book, and I do not think it is for me to be reviewing it. I have looked at many articles singing the praises of Mr Pollan.. And there are two I will do my best to dissect at some point.

There is a truism that everyone has probably heard of ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin’ … I am going to approach the articles in that way. I’m going to play the ball, not the man. But having been a keen football (soccer) player in my youth, and an enthusiast of the ‘non-contact’ sport basketball… It is all part and parcel of the supposed contact sport and the alleged non-contact sport to make your presence known…

Shoulder barges are acceptable
And ‘charging’ is a sinless foul..

I am taking this self-assigned task seriously and it will take as long as it takes.. Most of the things I write where declarations are made of intending to do something end up being ideas I am slowly using to help me form pictures that might inspire fictional stories or poetry or songs one day…

This intention is real..

The articles I am going to go over with the finest toothed comb I can get my hands on are…




by Rod Dreher


‘Why We Should Say Yes to Drugs’

By Andrew Sullivan



That’ll do.



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