Juggernauts, Kamikazes and Limericks

‘Juggernaut’ has led me to the world of ‘zines’, I remember back in my brief college days in the mid 1990s  that there were zines for just about anything, especially music and hobby gaming (board games, dungeon’s and dragons etc.  There is a zine called ‘Diplomacy World which I quite like the look of… And in it there is mention of  a zine called ‘Perelandra’, which interests me because it shares its title with a book by C. S. Lewis. I think investigating the ‘zine culture’ of the 1990s might lead to some interesting places, and it could lead me to many books and music albums etc that I wouldn’t be able to find any other way.  
I’ll come back to Juggernauts at another time.

‘Kamikaze(1) in World War II, a member of the Japanese air force who volunteered to crash an aircraft laden with explosives suicidally on a target. an aircraft used in such an attack. 
Word History Japanese kamikaze, literally ‘divine wind’. The word kamikaze was originally applied to a providential storm that destroyed a Mongol fleet attacking Japan in 1281; the name was revived in 1944 when Japan resorted to desperate measures to hold off the advancing US fleet.
Kamikaze(2) adj  extremely reckless or foolhardy; self-defeating or self-destructive.’—Penguin Concise English Dictionary (2001) 

There are lots of news stories about drone warfare. I am not even close to being knowledgeable enough about all this kind of stuff to comment on it, but I find it interesting all the same. I worry, fear what is in store for us all in the near and distant future. But I will not mumble on about such things. 

Here is one article:

   Protracted war has damaged global military supply systems. Time for India to step up

As the US infuses A-grade switchblade drones into Ukraine, India must initiate measures for mass production of weapons with small delivery systems.


3rd May, 2022
https://theprint.in/opinion/protracted-war-damaged-military-supply-systems-time-for-india-to-step-up/939800/#:~:text=N, supplying%C2%A0to%C2%A0Ukraine

Limerick n    a humorous verse form of five lines with a rhyme scheme of  aabba. 
Word History named after Limerick, a city and county in Eire. It is thought that a refrain, ‘Will you come up to Limerick?’, was once added between the verses of a limerick at a party.’
I am keen to learn about the origin of Limericks and of the history of Limerick. Like with Juggernauts, I will not go down this particular warren today.  

I am about to start writing songs again, and learning about old sea shanties and dark nursery rhymes., etc etc.. I will probably regret sharing this link. I might write about it in about six months or so, or when there are 20 or more ‘Rough Drafts’ posted.  It might not turn out as badly first impressions might lead you to believe.   There is going to be a character in a story who writes songs and wonders why nobody recognises his genius, he gets laughed at at open mic nights etc.. This music ‘project’ is going to be for research purposes, or something like that. 

I was going to use the name Kamikaze J. Artichoke. But decided against it. I have chosen the name Rubbish Bearded Man.

(How could a recording  ‘artist’ not be taken seriously with such a profound, meaningful name!)


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